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Stuart Merrit, assistant head teacher, at The Compton School Centred Initial Teacher Training explains the support that's available during teacher training, which will set you up to become a successful, resilient, determined and organised teacher.

“The Compton SCITT is an immersive teacher training course, where trainees teach and train alongside outstanding teachers. Trainees are placed in a lead a school for the year and are viewed as members of staff. By being part of a department and acting like a teacher, trainees see the true workings of a school and are greatly prepared once they qualify as a teacher.”

“Trainees needn’t worry about teaching straight away – they’ll start off observing other teachers, and once they have a class of their own they’ll always be a qualified teacher on hand. As their confidence increases, the teacher will skilfully step back, enabling the students to view the trainee as the main teacher as the year progresses. Additionally, a second placement takes place in an alternative school before they return to their base school. Not only are they supported in the classroom, they’ll be fully supported by the training leadership team, a professional tutor and subject mentor. Alongside this, their teaching practise is supported by professional studies, delivered by our outstanding teachers.”

Most trainees are concerned about classroom behaviour before starting their training year. However, with increased observations and teaching practise, most trainees view behaviour management as one of their key strengths.

“Teaching is extremely rewarding - the difference you can make as a teacher to the life of students can never be underestimated.”

All teacher training providers will ensure you’re supported throughout your training year, and when you register with Get Into Teaching, there’s even plenty of support before you apply – with your very own personal adviser. 

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