Troops to Teachers

As an Armed Services leaver, you can bring invaluable skills and experiences to the classroom by training to teach – with the potential for extra funding if you’re a graduate, or the opportunity to apply for a fast-track Troops to Teachers course if you’re yet to gain a degree. And this year, the Troops to Teachers programme is expanding, with two new cohorts of undergraduate trainees starting salaried employment-led teacher training in either September 2015 or 2016.

Two-year Troops to Teachers courses for non-graduates lead to qualified teacher status (QTS) and a degree qualification. These involve:

  • earning a salary as an unqualified teacher while you train (this could be 80% of the unqualified teacher pay ranges)
  • training to teach in a school for four days a week, with university training one a day a week to further your academic qualifications to degree level

You’ll need to be able to demonstrate, through your qualifications in the Armed Forces, that you have sufficient evidence of academic achievement and specialist subject knowledge to support your development.

The minimum eligibility requirements for the course are:

  • English language and maths GCSE (or equivalent) grade C, plus science if you want to teach primary
  • a minimum of 120 subject-related Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) points if your current qualifications relate specifically to your chosen subject for teacher training
  • a minimum of 240 credits if your qualifications are not specific to your chosen specialist subject for teacher training, but they are related

Your qualifications can be either academic (for example, from the Open University), or professional qualifications like Command, Leadership and Management or Defence Train the Trainer courses. Experiences can be formal roles either as a trainer/instructor, or applying the subject you wish to teach.

The Troops to Teachers programme is now accepting applications for courses starting in September 2015

Finding non-graduate courses

Troops to Teachers is run by the University of Brighton as the lead in a consortium of higher education institutions comprising:

  • Bath Spa University
  • Canterbury Christchurch University
  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Reading
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Staffordshire
  • Delivery schools

For further information please contact or call 01273 643598

Classification as an eligible Service leaver

To be eligible for a Troops to Teachers course as a non-graduate, you will usually have served for at least four years, and are within five years of your discharge date at the start of the programme (1 September 2015).

Complete the Troops to Teachers registration form and we'll send you further information as soon as it becomes available.

Non-graduate Service leavers can earn a salary while training

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