Teach maths

Teach maths

Good maths teachers are always in demand. So when you train to teach the subject, you can benefit from the highest range of training bursaries available, or a scholarship if you have a top degree. Plus, a career in maths offers the job satisfaction of giving all young people the chance to conquer a subject that’s integral to their long-term success.

By training to teach maths, you’ll learn how to devise and deliver lessons that creatively tackle the subject’s challenges – helping pupils with a range of abilities achieve the best results possible.

The importance of the subject has never been clearer:

  • pupils who don’t get a GCSE C or better in maths must continue to study towards achieving this in their post-16 education
  • a higher percentage of students now study maths and further maths at A level than ever before
  • more teacher training places were allocated to maths in 2014/15 than any other subject

And once you’ve qualified, you’ll benefit from a competitive starting salary, opportunities for rapid career progression and pay increases, and the assurance that you’re doing a job that’s both highly valued and deeply rewarding.

Subject knowledge enhancement and financial support

Don’t be put off from applying if you think you need to brush up on your maths to teach the subject. If the school(s) or university leading your training think you have the right skills to teach maths but could do with refreshing or boosting your knowledge, they may ask you to complete a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) before you begin your teacher training.

These courses are fully-funded, and you could be eligible for a bursary of up to £7,200 to support you during your SKE course, should you need to take one – your training provider will discuss this with you. Find out more.

And even if your degree isn’t in maths, you may still qualify for a top-end training bursary – so it’s always worthwhile enquiring with your chosen training provider about this. Find out more about maths bursaries and scholarships.

Get up to


to train as a maths teacher in 2015/16

Maths has overtaken English as the most popular A level subject in the UK

Watch maths teacher Ben Davies delivering a lesson to his pupils. Transcript (PDF, 77KB)

If you can’t wait all year for results day to see the look on your students’ faces, this is the job for you; you’ll love it.

James Clark, maths teacher

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