As a teacher, you can use your passion for your chosen subject to inspire the next generation. You will be teaching your subject from key stage 3 right through to A level, so you’ll see pupils’ understanding develop over the years you teach them.

Find out more about how your knowledge and enthusiasm can make a difference to the futures of the pupils you teach by exploring the different secondary subjects in this section. You may find that you’re eligible for a top-end, tax-free scholarship or bursary to support you during your training – even if your degree isn’t in the specific subject you want to teach.

Priority subjects

Some secondary subjects are particular priorities and so additional support is available. If you train to teach one of these subjects, you may be eligible to receive a higher tax-free training bursary or a scholarship. You can also benefit from extra support and guidance from our teaching advisers to help you plan your application. Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses are also available for eligible candidates who want to teach these subjects. An SKE programme offers a fantastic opportunity to build up or refresh your existing knowledge in preparation for teacher training.

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