Legal information for return to teaching

How will we use your information?

The support you are applying for is part-funded by the Department for Education (DfE). DfE intends to evaluate the support provided and the potential benefits to those who participate in it as well as the wider education sector. To enable us to do this, we (or a contracted organisation working on our behalf) may:

Analyse some of the information you have provided (where relevant to the evaluation).

Contact you to ask about your experiences of any support you may have received. Please note that, if contacted, you will be under no obligation to take part. If you do, you will not be identified in any results of the evaluation and you can ask not to participate, or change your mind, at any time.

Link information you provide in your registration form with other information about you which DfE already holds or to which it is lawfully permitted access. This is to identify (for example) how many registrants return to teaching, and how long they are employed as teachers, without having to contact you repeatedly to ask you to update your information.

Security and confidentiality

The use of your information will have no influence on the outcome of your registration or your participation in the returners programme and DfE’s findings will not identify you or any other registrants.

Any personal data shared with DfE will be handled securely and may be shared with returner pilot schools who will make contact with you directly. The DfE will access your personal data for the purposes of evaluating teacher training, support, recruitment and retention. 

You can find more information about DfE on GOV.UK.

If you have any questions about how DfE will use your information or if you do not wish for your personal data to be shared with returner pilot schools, please contact

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