Return to teaching

If you’re considering returning to teaching, or you’re qualified to teach but have never taught in a school, the transition may be easier than you expect. Register with us to find out what support may be available to you. 

Register for support

Thousands of former teachers return to the profession each year, so whether you left to start a family or explore a different career, there’s plenty of support available to help you come back to a profession where you can make a real difference every day.

There's plenty of support available, choose the option that applies to you…

Support for secondary modern foreign languages, maths or physics returning teachers, includes: 

  • one-to-one support from an adviser
  • help with arranging school experience
  • reviewing your subject and pedagogical knowledge
  • accessing a subject specialist training course to refresh your knowledge
  • information on vacancies in your local area, help with your application and interview tips 

By registering with us, you are indicating that you wish to receive support in returning to teach modern foreign languages, maths or physics at secondary level. Once you've registered, you'll be contacted by one of our advisers to discuss your next steps.  

To find out more about returning to teach, you can:

  • complete our registration form so we can keep you informed with useful information
  • visit our resources page for returning teachers, offering information on everything from the new Teachers’ Standards to behavior management

Once you’ve registered, if you have any outstanding questions on returning to teach, please contact our dedicated team on 0800 085 0971 for help and advice

Support for those returning from caring related career breaks

If you’re a teacher on a caring-related career break, we want to support you to get back improving the lives of young people. We're currently trialling a package of support across schools in the West Midlands, the South East and South London

Support for Northern Ireland teachers to relocate 

If you’re a trained teacher from Northern Ireland, and considering returning to the classroom, there’s support available for you to return to teaching in England