Relocating from Northern Ireland to England

If you’re a trained teacher from Northern Ireland, and considering returning to the classroom – there’s support available for you to return to teaching in England. Register with us if you’re interested in teaching languages, maths or physics to access free personalised support from our dedicated advisers. So, relocating to teach in England may be easier than you think.

Register for support

To be a qualified teacher in England, you’ll need to gain qualified teacher status (QTS). If you trained in Northern Ireland, or hold a registration status from General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland you could be able to gain QTS in England without any further training or assessment. With our free support package, our dedicated advisers can help you with this once you’ve registered. 

Package of support for languages, maths or physics returning teachers, includes: 

  • support on applying for QTS
  • one-to-one support from a dedicated adviser
  • access to a subject specialist training course  
  • information on vacancies in England and relocating advice
  • help with your application and interview tips

This package of support is only available if you’re interested in teaching languages, maths or physics. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be contacted by one of our dedicated advisers to discuss your next steps to coming back into the classroom, in England. 

On average, a teacher earns £38,400 a year

Registration is easy and only takes a couple of minutes