Bring your skills and experience back to the classroom

A group of students answer a question

Keren Needle, returning teacher

Keren decided to return to teaching after taking seven years out to raise a family – and like the many people who return to the profession each year, she brought a wealth of invaluable experience and skills back with her. Here she tells us about returning to teaching – if you’re thinking of doing the same, it may be easier than you think.

With over ten years of primary teaching experience under her belt, Keren had a lot to offer potential schools. She chose to make a move from primary teaching to secondary maths – where the demand for good maths teachers meant she could find a way back into work that would be flexible around family life.

“I needed to balance my job with my family, and wanted to be back in time to pick up my kids from school and then ferry them to their various after-school activities. They were really understanding about this. I got a half timetable, teaching over four days,” says Keren.  

“I’m getting the opportunity to observe other teachers deliver lessons, and I’ll also be attending subject knowledge enhancement courses to refresh my existing knowledge.”

Keren is glad she returned to teaching, and says the help is there for former teachers who want to get back into the profession. The assistance from the programme has also made a big difference to Keren: “The advice was invaluable, having that someone giving you confidence really helped.”

In addition, Keren remembers the main reason she returned into teaching: “It’s rewarding when you see your children make progress, and you can see this on a daily basis. When someone gets a concept that they didn’t understand before is a real buzz.”

Don’t be hesitant in making the decision to restart your teaching career. Returning teachers have a great deal to offer schools, and a break from the profession means you can apply new life experiences to your approach.

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