As a primary teacher, you’ll inspire young pupils by teaching a diverse curriculum that touches upon a wide range of subjects. This can range from maths and science to literacy, history, performing arts, physical education and beyond.

This gives you the responsibility – and opportunity – to make a big impact on pupils’ lives and ensure they progress into secondary education with the all the best chances to succeed. You can also train to qualify as a specialist with an extra focus on certain subjects. 

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  • Get Into Teaching Day

    05 May 2015 AT 09:00

    We are offering a placement day for those looking to find out more about teaching biology, chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, French, Spanish or design technology in conjunction with the School Experience Programme. 

    Northampton Open
  • George Spencer Academy SCITT Thinking of Teaching Experience

    05 May 2015 AT 17:00

    This Open Evening is an ideal opportunity for anyone who has applied or is thinking of applying to train to teach. 

    Nottingham Open
  • Train to Teach at Cranford Community College

    05 May 2015 AT 17:00

    Cranford Community College is recruiting graduates in maths, sciences, German, Spanish, English, geography, computing and RE to train to become qualified teachers via the School Direct training route.

    Hounslow Open
  • London school led train to teach events

    05 May 2015 AT 17:30

    London schools are holding a series of school led train to teach events to provide information and support to potential applicants looking for teacher training places starting September 2015

    London Open