Bursaries for further education trainee teachers

Training bursaries are available to help top graduates in English or maths to get into further education (FE) teaching. These are allocated by training providers to eligible postgraduate FE trainees during your pre-service training, where you’ll receive a period of guided and supervised teaching before you start teaching as a qualified FE teacher.

Bursary amounts

Below are the available bursaries for graduates wishing to train pre-service to teach in maths or English. Specific training providers may be able to advise further on your eligibility for a bursary. You can also find out more on the FE Advice site and via the published guidance on GOV.UK. 


SubjectDegree class
Maths£25,000£25,000£25,000No bursary
English£15,000£15,000No bursaryNo bursary
Degree class 
3rdNo bursary
Degree class 
2:2No bursary
3rdNo bursary

Eligibility for training bursaries

Bursaries are available to eligible trainees in English and maths on FE pre-service programmes that equip you to teach from basic level through to GCSE and level 3.

You may also be entitled to a bursary on a generic FE teacher training programme if you follow a specialist path that – in a provider’s opinion – equips you to train to teach English or maths.

It is the responsibility of training providers to make a judgement about the bursary a trainee is eligible for. This will depend on your degree level and chosen area of teaching.

Get paid an additional bursary to enhance your maths knowledge

If you need to enhance you maths knowledge before you apply, you could complete a fully funded subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course. These are designed to help trainees who have potential to be outstanding teachers to gain the depth of knowledge needed to teach maths. You could receive a bursary of up to £4,000 for a 20-week course, or less for shorter courses. You can find out more about SKE courses and the bursaries available on GOV.UK.