Bursaries for further education trainee teachers

Training bursaries are available to help top graduates get into teaching in the further education (FE) sector. These are allocated by training providers to eligible postgraduate trainee FE teachers specialising in English or maths. 

Eligibility for bursaries

Bursaries are available to eligible trainees taking courses that equip them with the knowledge, pedagogy and confidence to teach English language or maths from basic level through to GCSE and level 3.

You may also be entitled to a bursary on a generic FE teacher training course if you follow a specialist path that – in a provider’s opinion – equips you to train to teach English or maths.

It is the responsibility of training providers to make a judgement about the bursary a trainee is eligible for. This will depend on your degree level and chosen area of teaching.

Bursary amounts

Below are the available bursaries for those wishing to train to teach in maths or English. Specific training providers may be able to advise further on your eligibility for a bursary. You can also read more on the FE Advice site.

SubjectDegree class
English£9,000£4,000No bursaryNo bursary
Degree class 
Degree class 
2:2No bursary
3rdNo bursary

*£9,000 with a third class degree, dependent on you also having at least a B grade at maths A level

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