Sheffield South East Learning Partnership - school direct online event

14 June 2021 at 15:00 - 17:00

Event information

This informal online event will offer you personalised guidance and detailed information about SSELP School Direct's primary and Early Years courses based in Sheffield. We can answer questions about qualifications required to apply to the course, discuss the application process and provide information about the interview process. We are able to offer opportunities for you to gain school based experience in one of our Sheffield based primary schools before you start the course or make an application.

We will be able to provide details about the courses we offer - primary (5 - 11 years) primary with PE (5 - 11 years) and Early Years (3 - 7 years) We can also discuss courses tailor made to suit your interests such as SEND.

To attend this event, please email us.

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Primary and Early Years teacher training

Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy

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