Career changers

As a career changer, you’ll get the chance to use your life and work experience coupled with your passion for your subject to inspire young people. You’ll be responsible for ensuring children receive a quality education, setting them up to succeed in life. 

There's plenty of support to get into teaching...

  • There is lots of financial support in place to make your transition as easy as possible. During your training, you could benefit from a tax-free bursary or salary, so taking a year out to train is more viable. 
  • You could apply for Now Teach or Transition to Teach – these are bespoke teacher training programmes developed exclusively to support career changers.
  • If you’re thinking of applying but you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. When you register with us, you will get access to tailored one-to-one guidance from our dedicated advisers to help you through every step of your journey, including advice on financial support and childcare funding you may be eligible for.
  • We can also help you gain valuable experience of school life

Progress your career into teaching

Just one year after completing his postgraduate teacher training, Owen Mather progressed to head of department. Four years later, he is now undertaking consultancy work at various schools alongside teaching.

Many aspects of the job attracted him to teaching – particularly the clear-cut career ladder. He explains: “There’s an open field of play, due to the fact that wherever you are, there’s always a school nearby offering opportunities.

“The salary is also much better than most expect. Although you may take a hit when you initially change careers, you can climb back up quickly.”

Read more about Owen’s move from senior research scientist to teacher.


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