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Alison Roberts, returning maths teacher

Alison Roberts, maths teacher

Alison decided to return to teaching after taking five years out to raise a family – and like the many people who go back to the profession each year, she brought with her a wealth of invaluable experience and skills. Here, she tells us about returning to teaching maths; if you’re thinking of doing the same, it may be easier than you expect.

With eight years of teaching experience under her belt, Alison had a lot to offer potential employers. Even in a competitive job market, the demand for good maths teachers meant she could find a way back into work that would be flexible around her family life and her children’s school holidays.

“Returning to a teaching job was probably relatively easy compared to other jobs,” says former water industry engineer Alison, who works part-time to balance her teaching role with family commitments. “There is demand for maths teachers and plenty of career progression opportunities, particularly in maths and physics.”

It’s still an extremely rewarding job and no two days are ever the same, which makes the time fly

Although a lot changed in teaching in the five years she was away, Alison adds the day-to-day job satisfaction remains hard to beat: “The pace of change in teaching is very fast, so you need to expect that things will have moved on a lot. But it’s still an extremely rewarding job and no two days are ever the same, which makes the time fly.”

She adds: “I love being back in the classroom and experiencing those ‘light-bulb moments’ after successfully teaching algebra skills to a 12-year-old.”

The introduction of new technology in schools has also made a big difference in recent years, with most teachers now having access to interactive whiteboards and tablets – something Alison says is undoubtedly a help, rather than a hindrance.  

“IT is widely used to support the delivery of lessons,” she details, “but teachers who intend to return to the profession needn’t worry about lack of experience in using new support technology. You can learn essential new skills on the job.”

Don’t be hesitant in making your decision to restart your teaching career. Returning teachers have a great deal to offer schools and a break from the profession means that you can apply new life experiences to your approach.

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