Overcoming challenges to become a teacher — Hearing impairment

Published 22 March 2021
By Habiba Cabdi

Habiba Cabdi offered to speak to Teacher Training Adviser, Jane Wilkinson, about the challenges faced by someone who lives with additional needs and their progress towards achieving the dream of becoming a teacher.

a photograph of Habiba Cabdi, a trainee teacher

What inspired you to become a teacher?

Growing up as a profoundly deaf child, I had a positive upbringing in my mainstream primary school and the teachers there were amazing in terms of support and treating me equally. That inspired me to become a primary school teacher so I could give back to the children and make a difference even to just one child, and to show anyone can do anything regardless of disability, ethnicity, and social background.

How did you find the application process?

The application process went smoothly thanks to the help of my mentor, Ellie, from Get into Teaching. She was understanding and motivated me to finish applying! My top tips for making a successful application are — be yourself! Show your authentic self, and patience is key!

If someone asked, ‘Should I become a Teacher?’, what might you advise?

If someone came up to me and asked if they should teach, my answer would be yes and no! No, because teaching is not for everyone and it is a hugely demanding job so it is extremely important to understand the amount of patience, dedication and commitment you will need! However, teaching is a natural skill that anyone can learn as long as you are passionate about the subject and age group you’re teaching. Yes, because teaching allows students to absorb your knowledge and you can watch them flourish throughout the years, which makes the job so fascinating and unique!

Habiba will begin her teacher training course in Sept 2021. We wish her all the best for a very successful teaching career.

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