No two days are the same

Published 13 January 2020
By Gavin McIntyre

I am an assistant headteacher and information and communication technologies (ICT) learning co-ordinator and have an MSc in computing and information systems. I had always been open to the idea of teaching as a potential career path – so I took the plunge when I moved from Northern Ireland to England.

Steep learning curve

Teacher training proved to be a steep learning curve for me. Making mistakes allows you to develop strategies, techniques, and skills which you can apply to your teaching.

Now I am fully qualified, I find working with young students and seeing them realise their own potential is powerful. They test you with their desire to learn and their ability to challenge your own thinking by posing questions that you haven’t even thought of.

Positive learning environment: an ongoing challenge

The classroom changes by the hour and working with different age ranges and abilities means you have to keep a fresh outlook on your subject in order to create an engaging and positive learning environment. In the course of a normal day, most teachers would deliver lessons to over 100 students with different interests and learning needs.

Working with different students of all ages is what makes teaching so rewarding and exciting, though maintaining a positive learning environment is an ongoing challenge.

Part of a team

Teaching and learning does not stop with the bell at the end of the school day. Getting involved with extracurricular activities can be extremely rewarding – this is balanced with marking and planning for the next set of lessons.

Learning and reflecting on your own practice becomes paramount to your development as a teacher. Seeking out new strategies and advice from colleagues is an ongoing process that ensures your own learning evolves.

Students are amazing to work with, they’re funny and inquisitive – they challenge you to spark their interest in your subject. Being part of a learning community is a wholly worthwhile experience that cannot be measured in monetary terms or student achievement alone.

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