Natural transition from engineering to teaching physics

Published 29 July 2019
By Roger Brown

After gaining a 2:1 degree in engineering, I initially enjoyed a varied career, as an account manager, freelance cartoonist, and even an Olympic athlete before deciding to teach physics.

I realised I was enjoying my afternoon helping out at my daughter’s school more than my job. I also had the gradual realisation how rewarding it is to help others rather than focus on personal gain.

When I spot the exact barrier stopping a child from learning, I always make sure to think of an analogy to help them through it. With key stage 3 pupils this often involves drama – either getting the children to act out a concept, or sometimes telling them a relevant story. With key stage 4 the breakthroughs are sometimes when you link learning to popular culture.

When you train to teach physics, you can get an income. During my teacher training my family and I could afford for me to train for a year.

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