Grasp every opportunity - you will progress

Published 21 October 2019
By Paul Evason

Since this blog post was first published, the term newly qualified teacher (NQT) has been replaced with early career teacher (ECT). This describes a teacher in their first two years of teaching.

I always wanted to work in an environment that was never going to be the same every day – teaching definitely provides this. Working with students from different backgrounds and preparing them to take their next steps towards success was always a huge draw to the profession.

As a teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and succeed in your career to realise your professional and personal ambitions. Before I was assistant headteacher I enjoyed a number of different roles learning new skills that have helped me to move forward in my career.

Take on a challenge

When I started teaching as a newly qualified teacher, I looked for opportunities to support the school and to enhance my experience.

For example, in my first year, I led on re-designing the key stage 3 curriculum, and in my second year I started to become involved in the school’s virtual learning environment. All of this added to my experience and provided me with plenty to talk about when applying for new roles.

My long-term plan is to go into headship, but I do not want to rush this. I want to be able to experience a range of different areas in schools to ensure that I am fully prepared for the challenges that a headship role will bring.

I feel fortunate to be on the leadership salary, but I don’t do the job for the money – for me it’s about supporting students as a teacher and leader and making sure they achieve their full potential.

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