Becoming a mum sparked my interest in teaching

Published 15 July 2019
By Claire Johnson

After college, I went travelling and then spent my twenties trying out different careers.

I worked in HR for 5 years while also doing a part-time degree in physical science through The Open University - achieving a first. I also became a mum, too.

Whilst on maternity leave, I saw the advert for teacher training and saw that with my degree, I’d even get a bursary.

As a parent and professional with a regular income, the financial support available to me as a trainee physics teacher made the option of re-training seem not only viable, but attractive.

I wouldn’t say I look like your stereotypical physics teacher and I probably don’t act like one. I have bleach blonde hair and I’m a single mum for a start.

Working with young people and helping them to understand the world around them is massively rewarding. I love that I can be creative, manage my own classroom and make science fun – which is, after all, the first step in getting students to learn.

I now have job security, opportunities for progression, new skills and a postgraduate qualification. Not to mention the new car that isn’t falling apart, a well-deserved holiday booked, paid-off credit cards and a little put away for a rainy day.

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